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Sailor: A story of immigration, love and death in New York City.

This section of the blog is dedicated to our project, a collective work made possible by the effort of stubborn people who believe in the story together with us. We hope many readers will care about our project and become passionate about it. We only know one direction for our project Sailor: To make it happen!

Do you know about my country, Azerbaijan?

During the 26th anniversary of Khojaly genocide in Azerbaijan, my friend Khazar and I asked New Yorkers if they have ever heard about it.

Crossing. Part III – The White Girl

“Your mother was right, Amerigo! It’s dark. Fucking dark.”

Crossing. Part II – Mexico City

It was falling a quick, heavy rain, which would have flooded all roads but not discouraged the Mexico City taxi drivers.

Crossing. Part I – Amerigo

My boyfriend’s name is Amerigo and is Mexican.

The gray sky of Baltimore

Do you guys want to give Edgar Allan Poe a quick visit?

Subway Therapy at 14th street subway underpass

Subway Therapy at 14th street subway underpass.

Hundreds of colored post-it notes were attached to the 14th Street subway underpass’ wall

Ban Ki Moon at Italian Academy on October 26th, 2016

Ban Ki Moon at Italian Academy on October 26th, 2016, by Maristella Lorch

Peace in the world: the simplest answer seems to be “global citizenship”