Racconti in Inglese

Do you know about my country, Azerbaijan?

During the 26th anniversary of Khojaly genocide in Azerbaijan, my friend Khazar and I asked New Yorkers if they have ever heard about it.

Crossing. Part III – The White Girl

“Your mother was right, Amerigo! It’s dark. Fucking dark.”

Crossing. Part II – Mexico City

It was falling a quick, heavy rain, which would have flooded all roads but not discouraged the Mexico City taxi drivers.

Crossing. Part I – Amerigo

My boyfriend’s name is Amerigo and is Mexican.

The gray sky of Baltimore

Do you guys want to give Edgar Allan Poe a quick visit?

Subway Therapy at 14th street subway underpass

Subway Therapy at 14th street subway underpass.

Hundreds of colored post-it notes were attached to the 14th Street subway underpass’ wall